Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI) refers to technologies, systems, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis and presentation of business information to substantiate fact-based intelligent business decision making for the purpose of guiding individual, teams, departments, management, organizations and/or markets. Effective Business Intelligence (BI) systems should:


  • Provide historical, current and predicted analytical information regarding business operations derived from data collected into a data warehouse or a data mart or occasionally generated from live operational data.

  • Support multiple reporting formats, dash boarding, interactive "slice and dice" analytical capabilities, visualization and ad hoc data mining.

  • Integrate collected data to support one or more of the following strategies:

         Operational Process Management

         Proactive Intelligence

         Historical Analysis


QSI has the requisite experience and expertise to create, implement, maintain and support effective internal and/or external BI solutions in many or all of the following:


  • User Query and Reporting

  • Analytics

  • Dashboards

  • Balanced Score-carding

  • Performance Measurement

  • Competitive Analysis



Data Warehousing


A dynamic data-warehousing project can seem overwhelming in the beginning. However, Precious will work with you from inception to completion to ensure seamless and successful implementation of your data-warehousing project. Our experienced consultants have been involved in numerous data warehousing and business intelligence projects. Our network of professionals includes several seasoned experts that have a thorough understanding of all phases of the development cycle, to include:


  • Project planning, organization and management.

  • Working with your business to establish requirements, create data models based on these requirements and designing the business intelligence functionality to satisfy the needs identified.

  • Designing and implementing DW and BI architecture.

  • Designing data models and databases to implement those models.

  • Integrating data from other applications such as SCM, CRM, ERP and the Web.

  • Selection and utilization of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools to populate the necessary databases.

  • Selection and appropriate use of Business Intelligence (BI) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools to provide the required business functionality.



  • Evaluation of the project scope and initial analysis.

  • Detailed design.

  • Comprehensive development.

  • Thorough testing.

  • Implementation and training (VALUE ADDED FOR THE CUSTOMER' S BENEFIT).




Networking solutions provided by Precious will alleviate your current antiquated and cumbersome network in order to transform it into a streamlined strategic business asset that will, as a consequence, improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity and provide new customer services.


Our engineers will work to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your current networking systems by delivering reliable solutions on time and within budgetary constraints. While partnering with our engineers and customers, we keep abreast of the latest technological developments, design and strategies as they present themselves in the market. Precious offers superlative consulting and implementation services to include:


  • Network consulting services

  • Traffic analysis.

  • We profile your current network traffic and assess your business objectives and goals in relation to network performance to determine the optimal software and hardware configurations required to meet your traffic needs.

  • Protocol architecture.

  • We will design your network for maximum efficiency, value, robustness and scalability.

  • Develop a network addressing strategy.

  • Rollout an IP addressing structure for your network.

  • Router configuration and optimization.

  • We will configure your existing or new network hardware and software to work in perfect harmony.

  • We will fully leverage all available assets to ensure a high rate of return on your initial network investment.